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lights and dreams

Lights and Dreams Rabbit lamp

Lights and Dreams Rabbit lamp

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A sweet bunny-shaped lamp with a light dimmer will be a beautiful decoration in your child's room.
Made of thick iron wire, with manually wound and adjustable lighting, powder coated in gold or black. Which child doesn't love cute bunnies, and what child creates a wonderful atmosphere and helps them fall asleep or read books? Let our lamps enchant your interiors!

  • Material: steel wire
  • Wire thickness: 5 mm
  • Dimensions: height: 36 cm, width: 45 cm
  • USB lamp with adjustable lighting intensity in 10 levels

Technical Specifications:

  • our lamps have very high so-called LEDs. hight bright LED, giving a soft light effect in warm white color 2700 K,
  • we care about ecology, we limit the amount of e-waste and we do not include power supplies, but each lamp ends with a USB plug that will fit any 5V phone charger,
  • REMOTE! 10 levels of light dimming, so now the lamps are really super functional
  • our rims from which the lamps are made are 100% designed, created, welded, painted and wound in Poland - thanks to this you support Polish small entrepreneurs
  • 2 years warranty
  • CE - meets European standards
  • 80 LEDs, 400 cm of string lights + 200 cm of transparent cable with a USB plug

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